How To Love Being A Mom

This is the first step in the series How To Beat Motherhood Overwhelm In 7 Easy Steps.

If you’ve clicked on this post you’re probably overwhelmed, finding it hard to love motherhood or some variation of the two. Motherhood is hard. Managing a household, raising loving, well mannered children to become functioning adults and not forgetting yourself, your pursuits and your other relationships in the process is… overwhelming! Continue reading

Seven Quick Tips From A Mom of Six

When people see me with my kids, they immediately start counting. Then they say all sorts of things, with all sorts of meanings and feelings behind them. I’ve come to realize you can’t hold people’s first thoughts against them, which has greatly reduced my stress levels 😉 But, once people kind of adjust to the shock of our family size, I often hear, how do you do it!? So, for all you Mom’s looking at me and shaking your head, here’s some little quick tips: Continue reading