How To Beat Motherhood Overwhelm In 7 Easy Steps

This is the landing page for the series How To Beat Motherhood Overwhelm In 7 Easy Steps.

Over the next few weeks/months I’ll be showing you how I combat motherhood overwhelm.

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As a Mom of many little people, being overwhelmed seems totally normal. A certain amount of overwhelm at times is expected, but when that overwhelm becomes a way of life, THE way of life, it can lead to some ugly things like escapism, stress eating, depression and worse!

A little about me: I had 6 babies in 8 years and none were twins. Also, I don’t enjoy being pregnant, at all. There are some women who do, I am not one of them. I found motherhood super overwhelming at first, and that sentiment stuck with me for years! But, I’ve seen some really strong, fruitful seasons in the midst of all these baby years, and here are the things that have really helped!

1. How To Love Being A Mom

Mama, find your why. This season is full of little mundane tasks that never seem finished. It’s filled with needs that exceed the 24 hours we have in a day. When you find your why, your reason, your deep motivation for living a life that includes cleaning up puke at 2am – it’s not as hard, promise.

To read more about how to love being a Mom, click here.

2. The One Thing That Changed My Parenting

You can’t do this on your own, that’s why you’re reading this post! But there is a friend, who is waiting to help you, to guide you, to comfort you. The one thing that changed my parenting is prayer. No one knows your unique situation like God, ask Him to show you!

To read more about how life changing prayer is, click here.

3. The Secret To Being A Healthy Mom

Here’s the big secret: take care of yourself by eating what you need!
And I don’t mean an entire tub of frosting (I’ve been there, you’ll regret that). You need to make sure you have good fuel to run on. I know you don’t have time and it’s just way easier to eat left over chicken dinos off your kid’s plate, but that’s not nourishing you. I have found nourishing my body does not have to be complicated, or require tons of money or time. I usually buy some specific things just for myself and the kids can keep eating their beloved chicken dinos!

To see how I eat healthy while homeschooling 6 kids and get a list of easy, healthy snacks, click here.

4. Three Things You Need To Start Doing Today

If a google search for “overwhelmed mom” brought you here, stop here. Let’s get real. All this stuff I am saying isn’t going to change your life – you are.

To hear some real motivation, click here.

5. The Lazy Mom’s Way To A Great Day

You can feel it in the air, a bad day is brewing. You’ve done the deeper heart work we talked about earlier in this series, and yet you still feel your day quickly spinning out of control.

I know what can help!

Click here to read more.

6. Give Me One Hour And I’ll Give You Your Self Respect Back

There’s an unexpected knock at the door. In the minute or so between the knock and opening the door, your whole current situation flashes before your eyes from the perspective of a stranger. It’s not pretty. You need a shower, you’ve got a toddler with no pants on, a pre-schooler who is dressed like a mad man, there are toys and cast off clothes everywhere….

Click here to read more.

7. How To Have a Successful Day With Small Kids

I have had small kids in my home for 10 years!  My oldest just had her tenth birthday and my youngest is one and a half. Maybe that makes me an expert? Not really, an expert on my own kids, sure – but kids, families, people are all so different! This whole series has been written about what works for me!  Take what you love, leave the rest – that’s my blog/reading/life motto lol…

Click here to read more.

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