Why I Got Started With Essential Oils

Essential oils are a huge trend right now, everyone seems to be talking about them. I stayed away from the whole thing for years. I was super skeptical of the set up of any personal sales companies. If you look through my home you won’t find patterned leggings, subscription based shake powder or fancy skin care products. I wondered things like, what do you even do with those snake oils? Or, why does it matter what’s in my lotion?

So what changed? How did essential oils sneak past my skepticism?

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The One Thing That Changed My Parenting

This is the second step in the series How To Beat Motherhood Overwhelm in 7 Easy Steps.

I so wanted this post to be a book or an idea that could just perfect you as a mother, as a parent, as a person. I want a quick fix, for me, and for you. I want mothers everywhere to just wake up one day, completely fixed and able to be the Moms they always wanted to be. Cool under pressure. Loving and kind under the worst circumstances. Fun, happy, inviting. Lifting their kids up on wings to soar into adulthood with not one ounce of turbulence. I haven’t found that thing, but I have found perhaps the next best thing. Continue reading