Why I Got Started With Essential Oils

Essential oils are a huge trend right now, everyone seems to be talking about them. I stayed away from the whole thing for years. I was super skeptical of the set up of any personal sales companies. If you look through my home you won’t find patterned leggings, subscription based shake powder or fancy skin care products. I wondered things like, what do you even do with those snake oils? Or, why does it matter what’s in my lotion?

So what changed? How did essential oils sneak past my skepticism?

It started with scented candles.

When I was a kid I lived in a home with LOTS of animals and a parent who smoked inside. None of that was allowed in my bedroom. I had incense, scented candles, room sprays and carpet powder keeping my little 110 square feet of space smelling great.

And that followed me into adulthood. I had scented candles going all the time. I’d light candles and spray rooms as a little reward for myself that signified the room was tidy and my chores there were done. I’d spray the kid’s beds with room sprays when I checked to see if they were made for the day.  After we were sick I’d spray every single thing in the house with the lavender scented disinfectant spray. To mark holidays I had incense going, like Frankincense sticks at Easter and Myrrh sticks for lent. Or Cinnamon for Christmas and Strawberry in summer.

But three things were always in the back of my mind:

  • My husband sneezed and itched if I had too many scented things going.
  • It started giving me headaches.
  • There were cancer warnings on the bottoms of most of my candles.

People were sharing articles about how toxic these things are. So I started trying neutral things, like unscented soy candles or boiling a pot of water with cinnamon sticks. But none of them would stick. I kept cruising the scented candle isle at Target and coming home with something.

The last one I bought tipped the scales for me. I bought a candle, from Target, that smelled heavenly in a beautiful container. I put it in my dining room and lit it for a few hours every morning over a few week days. Then the weekend came and we weren’t home enough to light it. But Monday things were back to normal and I walked into the dining room and I could smell that candle from over 6 feet away – even though I hadn’t lit it for three days! Whatever harmful things this candle was doing to our air wasn’t confined to the time it was lit, it was all the time.

So, I started looking into this essential oil mumbo jumbo. I found a bunch of really cool things, and was thinking a lot about my findings. I already had a long love affair with lavender. A womens wellness center I had a few appointments at had essential oils and diffused them and I loved the air there. What really excited me was that instead of just removing the bad and finding something neutral, essential oils were actually beneficial!

A scent that could create this happy homey atmosphere I’d loved since I was a kid, that could also benefit my family!? That’s crazy! A room spray that could ease stress? A diffuser that fills the air with both humidity and scents that help us breathe better?! Now we’re talking!

A scented home has been a huge part of my life. Once I had kids, I wanted wonderful smells to be a big part of their childhood memories. After I had studied up on Essential Oils I felt confident in making the switch and I haven’t looked back! And of course I went with Young Living because they’re the best in the business 😉


Thanks for spending some of your precious time with me!

❤ Ann

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