Three Things You Need To Start Doing Today To Beat Overwhelm

This is the fourth step in the series How To Beat Motherhood Overwhelm In 7 Easy Steps.

Hey Mama.

I see you.

Everything is flying out of control and all you want is to do the best for your kiddos. Most of the time. You also just want to sleep, or think, or pee in peace. You want to be noticed. You want someone to ask how YOU are instead of just the pregnancy/baby/kids. Maybe there are people in your life who think your stay-at-home life is ‘little’ somehow, sub par. Maybe there are people in your life who think this life is your biggest dream, but it totally is not. Or maybe you have a lot of people around you who love and support you and you feel like crap for not feeling joyful right now. “Enjoy them while they’re young”, they say – and all you can think is – I can’t enjoy anything right now!


This is a bit of a pause in my series. The next three steps are specific to me. I can tell you the smaller details of how I live day-to-day life in this situation. But they are specific. They may not be among the ‘first things’ required in your life to pull yourself out of the pit of overwhelm. Which is why we are pausing here.

Just Stop, Right Where You Are


Stop reading articles and selfhelp books. Stop complaining about your life. Stop getting through your days just to check them off. Stop beating yourself up for not doing whatever it is you think you should be doing. Stop spinning your wheels. Just stop.

And start doing these three things:

1. Find Your Why

Go back to the first post in this series. You need to find out who you are as a Mom. You need to do some head and heart work on what lights you up about this gig.

Go figure out your why. Take some time to do it. Write it down. And then come back here.

Now that you have your why, you think of your worst Mom day, I know you’ve got one, I think we all do. You remember your sweet self in that moment, so broken. Talk to her. Lift up her head, look into her eyes and talk to her. Tell her she’s beautiful in that body that held a baby inside or comforted a child with those arms. Tell her she’s loved, that her heavenly Father loves her with an unfailing love. A love that has nothing to do with what she did or did not do.

And then, you tell her why she is doing this. Remind her that there is purpose in all this hardness. Life is not just hard for no reason.

Your why is yours so I can’t use it to motivate you here. But you can write your own motivational speech! You can make an inspiration board, or a collection of inspiring pins on pinterest. Once you have your why, look for books talking about that same purpose and read them. Make it yours!

2. Pray

Go back to the second post in this series. You need the guidance, comfort, even conviction that only God can offer! No one knows you like He does.

Start praying over every little thing today. Bring all the little details to God that don’t seem like things He would even be interested in. Tell him the Mount Washmore of laundry is taking over your house and then look for His guidance! He may bring you a person, a thought, an article, a book that is just what you need about this particular detail of your life. Pray with expectation!

3. Take Care of Your Basic Need: Nutrition

Go back to the third post in this series.

You’re drowning and I’m telling you to eat. It seems ridiculous. But get this – when I removed sugar from my diet, in an extreme season of motherhood overwhelm, like tears everyday and not being able to sleep for months – guess what happened? My anxiety and anger left, a mental fog lifted and I felt like this was the person I always knew I was under the crazy.

Our diets are SO important. I’m not suggesting you start by ditching sugar, going paleo or making everything from scratch. My starting goal for you is much simpler. Just eat better. You’ve got diets you’ve tried, eating plans that you’ve toyed with, maybe something you loved once and left behind because life was crazy.

Let me tell you, making it work is worth it. Going months without smiling and then bursting into laughter one day – so worth it!

Click here for a list of my favorite, super simple, mostly no-cooking-required healthy foods.

It Gets Better

This motherhood thing, it gets better. You will find your way out of this. Take this list as a life line. I see you dear, dear friend. Hang on to God, hang on to your purpose, take care of yourself and don’t let go! You’ve got this! ❤👊

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