The Lazy Mom’s Way To A Great Day

This is the fifth step in the series How To Beat Motherhood Overwhelm In 7 Easy Steps.

You can feel it in the air, a bad day is brewing. You’ve done the deeper heart work we talked about earlier in this series, and yet you still feel your day quickly spinning out of control.

I know what can help!

Break Up Your Routine!

Get out of your normal schedule and do something fun! Maybe you’re having a bad day, maybe your kids are – they can have bad days, too! Maybe someone didn’t sleep well or they’re just feeling off. Today is the day to get yourselves into a different setting. Here are some of our favorites:

Visit A Park

The park tops this list because it’s free, stroller and kid friendly and there is so much variety in types of parks! We like to go to one park often so we can see the way the seasons change. There’s big changes every week in spring and fall, and lots of farmers markets and festivals in the summer.

Our local community has a thriving group of people who paint and hide rocks, hunting for those at popular hiding parks is always exciting. Our local group is called Sweet Buffalo Rocks, maybe your community has one, too!

Visiting other parks for specific reasons, like nature trails, favorite play grounds, pools or water play areas; we even found one that is almost always full of deer! Looking for ways to find parks enjoyable for everyone in the family means you’ll go more often. It’s been proven time and again how wonderful getting outside is for mood and health, so get out there!

Go For A Drive

This is my husband’s default answer to overwhelm (especially with fussy babies), so let me tell you, we’ve taken a LOT of drives! Sometimes we drive around neighborhoods and look at the houses. Sometimes we get treats at the drive thru and drive out to the country. Sometimes we head for lookout points or local landmarks. We listen to audio books or programs like The Brinkman Adventures.

While on drives, we also like to play Zip, which is looking for things and getting points when you find them first. We picked harder to find things like black dogs, white horses, pink cars. Whoever finds it first yells out, “Zip!” and gets a point. Whoever zips a cemetery first gets 10 points and sends everyone else back to zero.  Make your own point items and how much they’re worth to make it meaningful for your family!

Think about places you enjoy and try driving to them – if it involves cookies, you might find your drive weary kids willing to make it work. 😉

Visit A Zoo or Museum

I highly suggest every family have season passes to places like zoos, children’s museums, gardens and regional parks (if your state requires payment to enter). If they are out of your price range they make great family Christmas presents from extended family, as well. A family pass makes enjoying these places on the fly, like when you just need to turn a bad day around, a much easier option.

My favorite thing about these places is that they are often empty during weekdays! Perfect for overwhelmed Mamas and kiddos!

Find A Local Indoor Play Place

Sometimes it’s raining and your kids are just wild. Play places to the rescue! McDonald’s always comes to mind, and it shouldn’t be discounted! Although, you’ll want to wash everyone’s hands afterward and consider a non-toxic hand santizer like Theives Waterless Hand Santizer ❤

But there are other options as well. There are trampoline centers with trampolines everywhere to get rid of lots and lots of energy. Local family fun centers often have slide areas and ball pits for expelling energy and offer coupons and reduced rates. You might also find a great fit for your family at the local YMCA. Look around your area and see what’s offered!

Phone A Friend

This option is a big favorite. Maybe you and your kids are just fed up with eachother! The smiling face of a friend, getting out around other people or kids who aren’t whining about the same things your kids are – it can really get us out of our frumpy moods!

Having people over is always fun, but doing any of the previously mentioned things TOGETHER can be so much fun! Doing this together makes some of the sweetest memories and photo ops!

Great Moms don’t have to have perfect days every day!

Let your plans be a little looser today. Do things with your babies that make YOU happy, too! Make faces, tell silly jokes, go see YOUR favorites animals at the zoo. Show them your favorite flowers or have a snowball fight.

I struggled with puting the word ‘lazy’ in the title. It’s a lot of work getting kids up, out, dressed. But once you get yourself and your crew into a new, fun setting, it won’t feel like work. When you get home you’ll have fun new memories and things won’t seem quite so overwhelming as they did. ❤

Side note: we even look back on some of the bad times with fondness – like when I got a ticket with just me and all the kids in the van or when one of our toddlers fell into a gross, sludge filled turtle pond and we had no change of clothes. It’s all good, even the bad can make for some super fun stories down the road!

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