Heart Thoughts – Secret

Five Minute Friday – where we write for just five minutes.  No editing, no rewriting.  And then publish.  Because writing is a beautiful experience, worthy of respect. Not always for perfecting, for changing and looking at from all angles.  Just letting go.


Inside where no one sees
In our PJs
A fluffy little head
Chooses me over the world
He knew the rhythm of my heart
Before anything else.

And his flutters
His preferences for food
His quietness vs the wiggliness of some of his siblings
I knew them first.

Pregnancy is a secret.
And one day, he’ll be grown.
He won’t remember those
He won’t remember the way he pokes
His tiny hands between my knees
When he wants to be picked up
He wont remember the little cries
And squeaks
That mean things only I can understand
He wont remember the way he runs
To pick up his lovey blanket and his paci
Anytime I sit down
So he can come and be so comfy.

But this secret is mine
It’s the privilege I hold
The privilege of being his mother
Of being at home
The steady presence
Of watching him grow.


2 thoughts on “Heart Thoughts – Secret

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh Ann, you gave this momma tears! My babies are 29 and 33 and I still feel all the emotions of your words. Thank you so much for sharing so personally. It really touched me! Cindy your #fmf neighbor


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