Day 1 – Meditation and Vetiver



Day 1!

Welcome to our month of Quieting Down and Soaking In!

Meditating and Vetiver are just the thing to start us off.

Meditation is simply quieting our minds. My favorite thing to do is pick a bible verse or a small portion of scripture and commit it to memory during my meditation time. I think of it like masticating, isn’t that a gross word? It’s the technical term for grinding food with flat molar teeth, like cows laying down drowsily in a field chewing their cud. That’s meditation. Chewing something for so long you’ve extracted everything you can from it. Even if that thing you are chewing is simply silence. Or a word like Love or Release. Or something more complex like a portion of scripture, just chew it, turning it over and over in your mind.

Little side note: There’s an amazing app called Calm that is my favorite. It plays a sweet chime sound at the end of your time and encourages you to meditate daily.

I’ve paired this with Vetiver. Vetiver is THE slow down oil. So much so that it even pours slow, like 1 entire minute for just one drop. It can be frustrating to work with 🙂 But ugh, it’s so, so good for calming, quieting, gentling our hearts. People go to Vetiver oil for sleep, it’s great as a night time oil, or for tense people like myself it’s a breath of fresh air any time!

Here’s a good blend for diffusing. You may want to mix it up ahead of time, as Vetiver’s honey like consistency does better in a diffuser when it is mixed with faster moving oils.

3 drops Frankincense
3 drops Lavender
2 drops Vetiver

To diffuse please follow the instructions included for your diffuser. I like to use small, glass dropper bottles to keep the blends in, use the recipe as a ratio and then add the appropriate amount of drops to the diffuser. Also, letting the oils sit together for 48 hours lets them create a synergy – something better together than each of the oils alone!


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