Day 2 – Stay Offline for 24 Hours and Lavender Tea

Day 2


Day 2!

First Saturday of June! And what a way to celebrate! Unplug my friends! Pick a time to start and turn off, sign out, sign off, go on airplane mode, whatever you gotta do – but take a full 24 hour day to live like it’s 1993! So many 90’s styles are back, like baseball hats, over-alls and loose fitting t-shirts, so go with it! Which reminds me that I bought some hemp chord recently to make myself a choker like I had in high school – this 90’s obsession is my favorite!

Kick it off your 90’s day with a cup or two of hot tea with a drop of Lavender Vitality oil. Vitality oils are FDA approved for consumption, but they’re still super powerful so just one drop will do ya! Some of my favorites to add Lavender to are English Breakfast Tea and Oolong Tea. 

Make your tea, add your oil, and breathe the steam in with the longest breath you’ve taken all day. And then un-hunch your shoulders and do a lot more looking up and looking out! A friend of mine likes to say – no more navel gazing! – Referring to head dropped down looking toward your belly button 🙂

Also, this oil is in the Premium Starter Kit, which is a great deal on a diffuser, 11 oils and a wholesale membership with Young Living!

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