Day 3 – Declutter with the Release Blend

Day 3Day 3!

Decluttering! It feels so, so good once it’s done, but ugh! I think I’d rather do something else, always.

Today the goal is just a small exercise in decluttering. Don’t go crazy and unload your whole closet! We’re going to throw away or give away 5 things or work on it for 15 minutes, whichever comes first. If you make a give away pile, put it right in the car and **super extra credit** if you can drop it off at a donation spot within the next three days!

Helping us with this task is the Release blend! A perfect accompaniment when we’re having trouble letting go of things, control, anger, etc. In yoga they’re always saying, remember to relax your jaw – sometimes we hold onto things we don’t even realize we have a tight grip on because our focus is elsewhere. But, just like jaw clenching, these things aren’t serving us – so let them go!

You can apply Release topically, to the back of your neck or jaw line, and the bottoms of your feet. We apply oils to the bottoms of our feet, especially, because the skin on our feet is less sensitive, lacks sebaceous oil glands making it easier for the oil to get right into our systems, and the pores are larger! My favorite way to apply oils is to put around 10 drops in a 10ml roller bottle, fill the rest up with a carrier oil like almond oil and roll away! This is also a great blend to diffuse right in the room where you are decluttering!

Today, look around your space, your life and ask your self if there are some things maybe you didn’t even realize you were holding on to! Release them so they can bless others!



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