Day 6 – Follow A Morning Routine

textgram_1526065892.pngDay 6 – Follow a Morning Routine!

Do you already have a morning routine?

I did not, for years. I don’t even remember what I did before made my first one. I think I just stumbled through getting breakfast and making myself presentable for whatever plans I had that day.

But, I have one now and I love it! There’s some heigene stuff, some house keeping stuff, some getting food ready for the day stuff. The finding things and picking out clothes part I try to do the night before.

I love how my morning routine ensures that certain things get done and sets me on an intentional path for the day. Even if I’m intentionally resting, being productive for a bit means I don’t just collapse on the couch with my phone and then neglect things I find relaxing and fulfilling. It’s so much easier to be intentional with how we quiet down when we start the day off on our best foot!

Speaking of morning routines, have you heard of Gary Young’s Great Day Protocol?

Gary is the founder of Young Living and has shared how he starts his day with applying essential oils!

Valor – back of neck and wrists
Harmony – trunk, between sternum and navel
Joy – over the heart
White Angelica – rub between palms, start at the crown and brush hands all the way down the body to the feet

So far I have Valor, Joy and White Angelica and I use this protocol on mornings when I’m feeling stressed to help me focus and not get overwhelmed.

Today is all about being intentional! It’s so much easier to find quiet spaces in our lives when we have the basics, like daily tasks and self-care on autopilot!

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