Day 7 – Streamline Your Reading List with Peace & Calming

textgram_1526068016Day 7 and the end of our first week!

Today we’re going to be streamlining our reading list. One of the most un-quiet things about our 2018 world is there are SO many voices. So many things want our attention and our obedience. When you think about how many ads you see a day, how many people you know with opinions and advice for your situation, how many places you could look for answers to problems you have or think you might have – it’s crazy!

Which is why we’re here quieting down and soaking in this month!

Whenever I feel my book situation getting out of hand, or no longer fitting on my personal book shelf, I start narrowing down. I donate or give to friends books that are no longer speaking to who I am or where I want to be. I do the same with books that I started and didn’t like or didn’t use for whatever reason.

But I also take a look at my to-read or reading list. Is my pile of current reads getting crazy? Then I try to fit them into categories. Here are my current categories:

Personal – things I just want to read (from birdwatching to Jane Austen, these are just for me)
Motherhood – the how and the why, but always about motherhood, parenting or homeschooling
Essential Oils – from recipes and usage to business and marketing, anything oily goes here.

With that list I try to have no more than three books going at once. My categories change, but that’s been working for me for a while 🙂

We’re soaking in some P&C today! Diffuse it, apply it, just sniff the bottle, it’s amazing! Peace and Calming is a favorite with kids and adults alike!

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