Day 8 – Start Your Day Screen Free with Thieves in Your Morning Cuppa

textgram_1527774977Happy Friday!

Today we are looking to not look at our phones or screens first thing in the morning. My job is not dependent on any technology, so I usually stay off social media until around 10am. This gives me the mental space to actually think about the day ahead, get my morning routine done and get my family all set up for their days as well. Even if your job is dependent on technology, try turning it on (or turning on notifications) when your job starts or when you truly need them – instead of right when you wake up. Figure out what is actually beneficial for you to use in the morning, you’ll be so glad you did!

I have found I forget things less often! I also end up putting less things off until the evening. And I am fully awake before that barage of notifications hits me. In my house, all the bedrooms are upstairs. Recently I’ve made it a habit to leave all technology downstairs once it’s bedtime. It was an adjustment at first, but the mental space it created for me is amazing! Give yourself the gift of a scroll free breakfast – it’s such a lovely way to start the day and really sets the tone!

While you’re enjoying your quiet morning before the husstle, make yourself a hot cuppa and add a drop of Theives oil. It’s a blend including Cinnamon and Cloves that is such a cozy, Christmassy, chai sort of flavor when added to your favorite hot drink. And instead of adding toxins like those drive through coffee drinks, it’ll boost your immunity and making it at home will save you $!

Also, this oil is in the Premium Starter Kit, which is a great deal on a diffuser, 11 oils and a wholesale membership with Young Living!

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