Day 9 – Downsize Your Beauty Stash with A Frankincense Mask

textgram_1527778005Today we’re looking to decrease the choas of our beauty situation!

I read recently that it is estimated that people in 2018 make as many decisions in one DAY as people in 1950 made in an entire year! Isn’t that the wildest thing?

A few years ago I had a drawer in my bathroom, a drawer in my bedroom and a whole case full of make-up, lotions and nail polishes. Most of them I wasn’t using. I figured if I paid for quality stuff, even if it didn’t work for me that day or did for a while but I moved on before I ran out, it felt wasteful to throw it out. I was shocked when I went through it I still had things in there from high school – what!? Those things were like a decade or more old, WAY past any expiration date. Ew. I figured out what I used on a daily basis, and what I used when I dressed up and decided on a goal of just one of each item. One eye liner, one mascara, one blush. I liked having eye shadow options so I had a few of those. I made sure I checked the dates on everything! I also decided to just have one nail polish color.

It’s been years and I have kept it up! I use one nail polish color until I run out. I used to have over 30 bottles! I love that my main decisions in beauty go like this:

Make-up or no make-up?
Everyday make-up or fancy?
Nail Polish or none?

Now I know my system isn’t going to work for everyone. Some of us truly enjoy deciding between many colors! But give your make-up stash a look to find things that you don’t use or have expired (maybe long ago!). And if you’re feeling brave, try just having one of each item!

To soak in, try making a super simple Frankincense and Raw Honey mask. McKel Hill at Nutrition Stripped mention this on her blog, “Frankincense essential oil can help fade scars, reduce inflammation, speed wound healing, reduce pore size, and restore moisture. Mix just a drop or two into raw honey (which gently exfoliates, brightens, fights blemishes and draws moisture to the skin) and you have a skin-transforming treatment that really is as effective as costlier skincare products.”

She doesn’t give any measurements – because it’s that simple! I would go for a tablespoon of honey with two drops of Frankincense.

Also, this oil is in the Premium Starter Kit, which is a great deal on a diffuser, 11 oils and a wholesale membership with Young Living!

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