Day 10 – One Hour of Solitude with NLBS

textgram_1528684246Day 10! June is flying by, isn’t it?

Today I challenge you to try One Hour of Solitude. Not just any solitude, though. Things like reading, baths, watching TV, scrolling through the internet, those can all be relaxing and wonderful. But for this, let’s try to just being still and letting our minds go.

We live in a world that is so, so loud. In so many ways. Today, we’re gunna be our own dear friend and listen. For some of us that will mean praying to a God who is always near, for other’s that will be listening to ourselves. But all of it without judging. Just let your mind do it’s thing! Let go of all your preconcieved notions of what you’re supposed to do and just be still for a while. If an hour is something you need to work up to in the future, that’s cool too! Just try solitude, quiet, stillness and see where it takes you!

Here’s how:
– Make sure you aren’t exhausted or laying down, so you don’t fall asleep.
– No distractions – no music, no books, no internet.
– You can have a journal if free writing helps you loosen up your mind, but for some it may be a distraction. You know yourself, so if it helps do it, if not, don’t!

Soak in today with some calming Northern Lights Black Spruce, or as we like to shorten it NLBS. It’s a woodsy aroma, as you can imagine, that transforms your space into an evergreen forest. Try it alone, or pair it with Lavender and Cedarwood for a blend called Heaven on Earth! 

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