Day 11 – Evaluate Your Commitments and Magnify Your Purpose

textgram_1528685524Yay! It’s Monday!

I can’t decide if today’s Quiet Down activity is good for a Monday or not! It can be hard – but so powerful.

Today we’re talking about evaluating your commitments.

Back on Day 5 we talked about identifying our priorities. Evaluating our commitments through the filter of our priorities is just about the perfect combo! We’re on this very similar subject because this is can be difficult. Difficult to choose which priority comes first but also diffucult to figure out where each commitment fits!

Today, I want us to ask ourselves:

Is there any obvious work I need to do on my current committments that I’ve been putting off, or just never thought about?

If so, handle those today. You’ll be so glad you did! Saying no to things that don’t give us life, and yes to things that do is life changing!

If not, lets figure out some space for a once a week or once a month Quiet Down commitment. For some that means making room, for some that means adding an intentional committment. But, today let’s get a regular calm, quiet activity (or purposeful non-activity) in our coming schedule.

If you’re adding a quiet activity, what did you add?!

To soak in today, let’s apply Magnify Your Purpose topically. Young Living’s therapeutic grade oils can be applied topically with confidence because of their Seed to Seal quality commitment. From the time the seed goes into the ground to the time the oil is distilled, Young Living doesn’t use toxic chemicals. They actually farm using essential oils as insect repellant! It’s kind of amazing! Because of that you aren’t getting hand me down toxins, just pure, pure, pure oils!

Magnify Your Purpose offers a heavy dose of Sacred Sandalwood for a smaller price because it’s mixed with other awesome oils like Sage, Patchouli, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang – making this hugely relaxing for evaluating any part of your life to magnify your purpose! Apply to places like the back of your neck, ears and wrists for wonderful priority focused frame of mind.

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