Day 12 – Define 3 Goals with Cedarwood

textgram_1528749246.pngHappy Tuesday my friends!

Let’s chat goals. Goals are a great way to stay motivated, keep us headed in the right direction and help us stay focused on the areas of life we’ve deemed as important! They say the best way to do that is to have both small, baby step goals like “go to my first cycling class” – as well as big goals like “complete a Triathlon”!

This series is about quietting down. Goals help us quiet down by giving us tangible ways to live out our priorities – which in turn ends up cutting out the junk in our lives that doesn’t line up with our values. Pretty awesome how it all works together!

Today, let’s see if we can nail down 3 goals to hit in the 6 months! They can be small or big, or a combination. 

To help us focus let’s take a look at cedarwood. It’s super calming. For busy minds running all over creation, slowing down without getting drowsy is a great thing. Cedarwood has a sweet, woodsy smell and blends beautifully with lavender. And as one of the lower priced oils, it’s a great one to add to your next Young Living order!

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