Day 14 – Say “No” to Something with Valor

textgram_1528923622Good morning friends!

Today I want us to do another quiet down activity by saying “no” to something, but don’t worry because we get some liquid bravery that doesn’t require a designated driver! 

No. It’s so avoided it’s almost an expletive! I have a little story I want to tell you about my experience with the word no.

Many, many moons ago, when I worked customer service in a high volume call center I was trained not to say no. It was a negative word and tended to rile customers up. I sold books, so when someone would ask if a book was available and it was out of stock, I said, “I’m sorry, that’s not available at this time”. I prided myself on a job well done and really nailed it on this training.

In our very busiest season, when we were out of stock on many things and people were calling all day asking about different titles, I took a little weekend trip with friends. We were driving down a huge city boulevard when we realized we were headed in the wrong direction and needed to turn around. We approached a light, but there was a “No U-Turns” sign, and I was the first to see it. I said, “Oh! U-Turns are not available at this time!” And when everyone started laughing, it still took me a full minute to realize that I hadn’t read the sign correctly.

Saying no is hard in this culture! Maybe especially so for me and my training, but it’s not a word that comes easily in adult conversation. However, space to say “no” and the confidence to do it is a gift! We’ve talked a lot in this series about priorities and commitments. Today, think on some things in your life, big or small, that you need to be a little braver about.

Diffuse some Valor, put some on your wrists and the back of your neck, breathe in deep and just say no!

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