Day 16 – Don’t Buy Anything For 24 Hours with Peppermint

textgram_1529352399Here’s day 16, none the less – and it’s a good one!

Can you handle a challenge?! I challenge you not to buy ANYTHING for 24 hours. No gas for your car, no drive thru coffee, no internet purchases, no nothing. See if you can make it! It may surprise you to find what urges pop up. I encourage you to write down your purchasing urges and think on them or pray over them for 24 hours before you purchase as a way to weed out impulse buys.

Are you ready? Double check your fridge, gas tank and maybe your kiddo’s diaper stash to make sure no emergencies crop up. And then start the clock!

Bolstering us up in this goal is Peppermint – because we need something strong! It’ll also keep us clear headed and focused. 👊
Now, don’t buy one of these till your 24 hours is up 😂 but – there are these super great essential oil inhalers called Fum Pipes (like ‘fume’ but trendier) made of wood. I’m crushing on them pretty hard! These wood inhalers are so fun, and a nice alternative to diffusing if you’re on the go or just want a little quick, strong fix!

Inhalers are pretty common in the aromatherapy world. They’re super portable and affordable. Inhalers are a great way to get a personal blend into your system quickly without over powering those around you. Some people use cotton stick inhalers like Fum Pipes or a few drops in a tiny bottle of salt for old fashioned smelling salts! 

Also, this oil is in the Premium Starter Kit, which is a great deal on a diffuser, 11 oils and a wholesale membership with Young Living!

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