Day 17 – Single Tasking with a Staycation Blend

textgram_1529354969.pngDay 17 – Single Tasking with a Staycation Blend!

You know what is surprisingly refreshing? Single tasking. Seriously.

The big idea is to stop multitasking so often. Start with a little moment each day. Eventually, you may want to grow it into an entire single tasking day! This idea goes hand and hand with the current trend of “being present”. Both ideas are a response to the push to do a million and one things all the time. We like to make fun of the pinterest mom and her plate that is too full, but guess what – she’s onto this idea of single tasking, too!

That’s because multitasking often leads to lots of negative effects. It feels good to say we did three or more things simultaneously, but research shows we aren’t actually capable of focusing on more than one thing at a time. We’re actually flipping back and forth between the different tasks in front of us. This leads to decreased memory, increased distractability and increased stress. Multitasking often has also been linked to depression! Sometimes it can’t be avoided, but strengthening our single tasking muscle and developing that as a habit is a great idea!

Here are some ways to help you focus on just one thing at a time:
– Do something in silence. Try doing that chore you don’t like in silence instead of with music or an audio book playing in the background. Test it out and see what it’s like! If it’s super tedious, try being thankful. I hate washing dishes. Iinstead of my music, I might pray: Thanks God for this dish, and for the sweet friend who gifted it to me!
– Only have one internet tab or one window on your computer open at a time. This is a hard one for me. I leave tabs open to remember things I want to come back to. Instead of leaving tabs open, try making a task list and then saving it puting it away when you are doing something else!
– Put your phone/tablet/laptop away or turn it off. Just do it!
-Do something you enjoy, just to enjoy it fully. Watch a movie, take a bath, play your favorite instrument or game – and don’t do anything else at the same time!

And, to encourage that – try this Staycation blend!

3 drops Lavender
3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Rosemary

Rosemary smells like the herb so familiar to us in Italian cooking. But, paired with citrus, like Bergamot, it reminds people of lakes and oceans. You’ll find Rosemary frequently in blends with an ocean and lake theme, which makes it one of my very favorite for diffusing. Rosemary is also one of the very first people reach for to help them with memory retention and focus! Two of the things also improved by single tasking!

Try Rosemary today to help you remain singular and present in thought. 

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