Ann’s 4 Favorite Personality Tests

Hey there!

I am currently waiting for my littles to wake up from their nap so I can take a much needed shower. My older four are outside playing in the yard and I know, as soon as I hop in the shower, even for 5 minutes, that’s when one of them will run in screaming about something.  Something that I am pretty sure will not actually need to be screamed about. But, which will definitely wake up my nappers. It happens every time.  So, here I am on my lap top.

And what’s on my brain but Personality Tests!

I’ve been a big advocate of them for years. Knowing yourself is so, so powerful. You can learn that there are good things about you!  Seriously! That was a hard one for me to see for a while. As well as learning what drives you or what’s just a part of you and needs accepting.

Personality tests are like a free/cheap intro to therapy. Plus, everyone loves themselves best, even if we are one of the ones who loves to hate ourselves best. Learning about that self is always interesting!

Here are my 4 favorite Personality Tests (in no particular order):

Clifton StrengthsFinder

Cost: $49.99 Money well spent, ten years later I still go back to my StrengthsFinder results! Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder test here.

I learned there are good things about me! I also learned that, instead of focusing always on developing my weakest areas, it would serve me well to develop my already strong areas into something stronger!  We’re always told to be a well rounded person. The Clifton Strengthsfinder is based on the idea that well rounded people aren’t usually successful in life. It’s those who build on their strengths that soar. There are 34 Strengths, the test gives you the 5 you score highest in. Each of them falls into one of four categories: Executive, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking.

Four of my five strengths fall into the Strategic Thinking category – hence the blog here 🙂

You used to be able to take the test with a one time use code that came in the book. However, those codes no longer work. So sad! If I had it to do over again I would still purchase a book. I took took the test 10 years ago, and I still revisit my book for reminders. It’s that powerful! There is also a Christian version, which has mixed reviews – but is the only StrengthsFinder book I have and I love it 🙂


Cost: Free test here: 16 Personalities, which is what I took, or pay for it here: Official Meyers-Briggs Test with a professional consultation on your results.

The most famous personality test – and for good reason!

I could do an OK job explaining the test to you, but there are so many websites and books out there completely dedicated to this test that are easy to find. I’ll let someone more qualified explain the in’s and out’s of what goes into each of the 16 four-trait personality profiles.

Instead, I will tell you what I love about this test and it’s results as I’ve used them.

I learned I am an INFP which is a deep thinking, deep feeling, introvert. Honestly, the individual words the four letters stand for (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceptive) don’t mean much to me. But, the profile of an INFP fits me like magic. This test is so widely used and researched that there is TONS of information on it out there. So, I have a whole INFP pinterest board I go to whenever I need some ‘Who Am I’ inspiration. There are comics, poems, pictures, the profiles in _____ situation – so, so much. It’s one of the funnest rabbit holes – proceed with caution! lol!

I also love finding out how people I’m often in contact with score on the test. Once you have two test results, you can read about how those two get along, which is so enlightening. I especially love reading up on how my and my husband’s personalities line up.


Cost: Free – take the test here (I like the one with the instinctual variant, but both options are fine) Enneagram Test

The Enneagram has such an odd name, I originally thought it was something like astrology, wrinkled my nose at it and said, nope!  But, now it’s my favorite!  Go figure!

This one is a little more swishy fishy than the rest. My introduction to this said something to the effect of – you could take a test, but you will know which one you most identify with when you read the profiles. Which, seriously!? That was so unhelpful – but as I got into it more I realized it was so true! If you’re just starting out with the Enneagram – feel free to do whichever option suits you better. Read the profiles or take a test, both are effective!

Here’s why I love this one: It focuses on what drives people, a deep desire – like identity, comfort, success, and others. There are 9 profiles, each is assigned a number. I am a 4 – the dark and moody one at first glance, even on a good day, I’m ruled by emotions. Even the good emotions 🙂 But, the best part, in my opinion, is that each profile is given a levels of health chart (once you know your number, you can find the chart here: Enneagram Types). I can find myself on that chart and say, OK, I’m low on the chart because I have a lot of stress going on, but healthy for me looks like that healthy description at the top of this chart, and that’s something I can work toward. In other words, the Enneagram comes with built in encouragement! I love that!

This is also another one that you can see pros and cons of your type in relationship with other types – which is amazingly powerful.

Color Code

Cost: Free – take the test here: Color Code Personality Test

The color code test is nice and simple. It’s really great at quickly understanding some basic driving forces and pitfalls of yourself and those around you. There are only four types in this one, making it really easy to memorize.

The big reason I love this one is that it is a quick and easy thing for others to take; people that maybe aren’t looking for the biggest, deepest personality assessment. It allows you to realize maybe you aren’t communicating well with someone because you aren’t speaking their language! For instance: I’m a blue and I am deeply driven by the ‘why’ or the values of a thing. If you come at me with how a thing is going to get done, you lost me! But, if you talk to me about why a thing needs to be done, just watch me take off with it 🙂 This one is really fun to know about a bunch of people and then see them walking around doing their thing and see how it lines up with their color code! It’s also really great for understanding why some things don’t speak to you, but speak to other people. Super helpful stuff!

So, these are my favorite! I know it seems like there’s a million and one personality tests out there. Do you have a favorite not on my list?

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