Hi! I’m Ann McCool, nice to meet you!

I have a family of eight and we live in Buffalo, NY. We are from Southern California and came here for my husband’s job in January of 2017. He is an associate pastor at a church here. We homeschool our 6 young children and we’re having a lot of fun figuring out life in such a different climate! I just learned to drive in the rain last summer, and the snow a few months ago. It’s a crazy adventure!

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What are you nurturing today?

I am, by nature, not a nurturing person. All the caring and serving involved in stay-at-home-mom life has been an uphill battle for me. But, through the years I’ve found that keeping in touch with the reason I do this is extremely motivating. Even when I feel up to my eye balls in mundane tasks! I’ve narrowed down all the beliefs that motivate me into one simple phrase, “What are you nurturing today?” Sometimes it’s a culture of fun or an atmosphere of learning. Some days it’s my own body so it can be strong in the long years of motherhood ahead of me. But even when the big picture is overwhelming, I can find at least one area of my life to move forward in everyday.

How about you? What are you nurturing today? 

What you can expect here:

Supermom Tricks – The question I’m most often asked is, how do you do it?! I still don’t feel like 6 kids is a big family, but a lot of people do so I thought I’d share some of my experiences. I’ll be writing about some of the things I do to thrive in my role of motherhood – it’s hard no matter how many kids you have!

Self Care Adventures – We moms go through a lot! A handful of years ago, with four kids four and under, I’m pretty sure I had a mild form of PTSD – my biggest memory from that season was, do not mess with our naptime schedule or bad things will happen! It’s been a few years since then and I’m finding that self care in it’s many forms is very important (read: VERY IMPORTANT!!) So, I plan on sharing some of my routines and experiments with you.

Aromatherapy Student Tips – I recently began my journey to become a Certified Aromatherapist and I’ll be sharing some of the ways we use essential oils here at home! The uses of essential oils are very far reaching and we use them daily for many things, but in a house of five boys and only one tidy girl, well good smelling things are much appreciated!

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