Welcome to my current obsession!

October of 2017, after debating for nearly a year, I jumped into aromatherapy with a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Shortly there after I was hooked! I loved everything about them from how they worked to how they smelled to the cute little bottles and hearing my family calling me a potion maker.

The biggest reason they first piqued my interest was due to my husband’s eczema and my own anxiety, as well as wanting some natural health options for my 6 kids! Although I can’t tell you how they worked on mine and my husband’s issues, due to FDA regulations – I CAN say that all of this prompted me to getting into aromatherapy!

As I started getting into it, (and I’m still in school for it, hoping to get my Aromatherapy Certification a little bit down the road) I started seeing so many ways we can support our bodies as they are dealing with things like eczema and anxiety.  Turns out that things like making a point to relax and creating habits of self-care are both huge in relieving anxiety symptoms. And as for eczema, things like reducing the toxins in our home and watching our diets are wonderfully supportive for that as well!

What I’ll be sharing here is a focus on whole body health with the support of aromatherapy.

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