Ann’s 4 Favorite Personality Tests

Hey there!

I am currently waiting for my littles to wake up from their nap so I can take a much needed shower. My older four are outside playing in the yard and I know, as soon as I hop in the shower, even for 5 minutes, that’s when one of them will run in screaming about something.Β  Something that I am pretty sure will not actually need to be screamed about. But, which will definitely wake up my nappers. It happens every time.Β  So, here I am on my lap top.

And what’s on my brain but Personality Tests! Continue reading

Day 4 – Complaint Free Day With Joy!


Day 4 and Happy Monday!

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” – Thumper the bunny

Sometimes un-nice things are necessary, but not complaints! Try not complaining for a whole day – I’ve been trying to make it a month since like January, I haven’t made it yet. 😒 But I’ve learned a lot about myself and made lots of forward strides!
Today, just try holding your tongue like thumper. Becoming more aware of our words, their effect on ourselves and the people around us is one of the best and most fruitful ways to quiet down.

When you start to become more aware of what’s coming out of your mouth, you might not like what you find! To combat that we’re going to be soaking in Joy, because Joy! and Grapefruit for it’s uplifting qualities.

Quieting down means we get to be more acquainted with ourselves – find Joy there!